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Why is TurboCAD an excellent alternative to AutoCAD

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

TurboCAD distinguishes itself as a reliable and solid choice for engineering professionals ranging from freelancers to small businesses as we managed to find several fundamental technical reasons that these are:

1. Affordable Cost: TurboCAD offers an economically attractive alternative to AutoCAD, which is especially advantageous for small businesses and those professionals with limited budgets:

Annual Subscribtion

Permanent License

TurboCAD Platinum





not available

Prices shown above doesn't include taxes and may vary over time and region of purchase. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this information.

2. Independent Licenses: TurboCAD offers the possibility to purchase individual licenses either through annual subscriptions or by purchasing a permanent license. With a permanent license the annual upgrades are optional, not mandatory. We usually recommend updating every year to ensure compatibility with other software if CAD data is received or shared between companies.

3. Flexible Customisation: TurboCAD's flexibility translates into tailoring the user interface, keyboard shortcuts and technical settings to meet specific design needs. There is even an LTE user interface template adapted to AutoCAD that makes the transition from AutoCAD to TurboCAD incredibly easy.

Below, we will look at some examples where we can manage to configure both software in a very similar way. This is a very strong point for TurboCAD because if you are used to or have learned design in AutoCAD (which many of us did) you will be able to customize your new software in the same way.

TurboCAD allows you to choose between different default styles such as "Bars" or "Ribbons" style.

Fig. 1 User interface of AutoCAD (2D drawing)
Fig. 2 User Interface of TurboCAD (2D drawing)
Fig. 3 User interface of AutoCAD (3D model)
Fig. 4 User interface of TurboCAD (3D model)

4. Broad Compatibility: TurboCAD integrates seamlessly with DWG and other common file formats, making it easy to collaborate with other professionals at a fraction of the cost. Besides DWG and DXF which are the most common exchange formats in the industry TurboCAD is compatible with over 40 file formats, meaning you can increase your connectivity without significantly increasing your budget.

The following screenshots show all the file formats that can be opened with TurboCAD 2023 Platinum:

Here in comparison the formats you can open with AutoCAD 2023:

Quite a difference, right?

TurboCAD offers versatility by providing both 2D and 3D design tools. This makes it a solid choice for a wide variety of engineering applications. Like its competitors TurboCAD is constantly improving with each new release, incorporating advanced features and technical fixes to keep up with the latest trends in computer-aided design.

It is essential to note that this comparison does not imply that TurboCAD is inherently superior to AutoCAD or other software. Both programmes have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them depends on the individual needs and preferences of the one using it. TurboCAD excels in specific areas. The final choice will be based on the individual professional's priorities and resources and hopefully this blog did help with the decision.

Please let us know if you have any further question regarding TurboCAD or our services!

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